Throw it Back: 5 Favorite Prodigy Songs

At VashtieDotCom, we’re still mourning the hip-hop great Prodigy. The Mobb Deep member passed away in Las Vegas after being hospitalized for complications caused by sickle cell anemia. While it’s a disease he struggled with as a child, he lived

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Woman Crushin’ It Wednesday: Aleali May

  It’s safe to say we’ve taken the word “woman” to an entire new level. “The Woman” is fearless, strong, elegant, and task-oriented in 2017 and at VashtieDotCom, we’re here for it. On Wednesdays we celebrate not only a woman


Doin’ It Well: How to balance eating clean with your mental health

Eating clean is fundamental to a healthy lifestyle; no matter how much exercise you do, you can not outrun a bad diet. However, “eating clean” is a slippery slope that can (in a worse case scenario) lead to developing an eating

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Dear Sza, Thank You – A Letter to Women Who Make it Okay to be You

To be young, black, gifted, and woman is to understand your strength, your power, your talents, and your beauty. Somewhere in between reminding myself of these things and showcasing it to the world, I struggled to see any of that


Beauty Tip Tuesday: How To Get A Natural Summer Glow

Summer is in full effect in New York City and we wanted to give you a couple pointers on how to achieve a natural glow, while staying safe in the sun from head to toe. *Cues “Glow” by Drake ft. Kanye

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All Eyez On Me Garners Mixed Reviews and Mixed Feelings

This past weekend we celebrated Tupac’s birthday. We posted old photos of him on our Instagrams, blasted his music loud on the way to the function and filled our twitter with quotes he may have not said, but hey, it was

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The ultimate IKEA collab: An internet love story for the culture

Back in April, everyone  including the world of social media caught wave of Balenciaga‘s latest leather bag priced over $2,000 that strikingly resembled the $0.99 blue bag sold through IKEA. As a joke the internet took it in their own hands to create their

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Here’s How You Can Earn an AFROPUNK Brooklyn Ticket

  Festival season is among us and it’s safe to admit your pockets may look at little empty. There’s nothing worst than seeing the line up for a AFROPUNK, (festival you promised yourself you would go to this year) to

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ThingsToDoWithVashtie: Here and Now

Looking to do something with Vashtie? You already know we have your back. This Saturday, Vashtie will be a special guest at Here and Now. This event will be hosted by Bryan Valdivia along with music by Deemehlow at Ludlow

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Playlist: Newly Single

“Cuffing season” is coming to and end and you may find yourself newly single. Trust us, it was them not you. Regardless of the situation, don’t fret because the VashtieDotCom team always has your back with music to put you

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